A Primer on Exercise Machines


An exercise machine can be defined as any machine used for exercise. They can range from spring-like devices to electromechanical units to recirculation swimming pools! Home exercise machines are vast, can meet any fitness level and can be used day or night. They have become popular for the various attributes and convenience they hold. It seems like everyone has some form of machine in his or her home. Why travel to a gym when you can have a great workout in your own home! However, before buying a piece of equipment, you should research it and perhaps even try it out first to see if it will fit your needs.

Machines vs. Free Weights best vertical climber machine

Ranked number one for burning calories is the treadmill. Following that are stair-climbers, rowing machines, cross-country ski machines and stationary bikes which all exercise different parts of the body. However, if you are looking to tone up your muscles, the best equipment are free weights, such as benches, bars, dumbbells, or plates. Dumbbells and barbells are flexible and can give you more freedom than some other types of equipment and machines. Free weights are three-dimensional, while machines tend to be two-dimensional.

For beginners, exercise machines are great because they provide proper lifting techniques. They are also beneficial for people recovering from an injury because they don’t put undue stress on the injured areas. However, free weights promote coordination and the mind-muscle connection. Benefits to working out are vast. It improves circulation, muscle strength, joint motion, and coordination. It can also improve mood and help with sleep.

Exercise Musts

Don’t eat 2 hours before exercising. Drink plenty of fluids or water before, during, and after exercising. Reduce activity according to the weather or if you are fatigued or ill. Listen to your body.

You should always warm up the muscles and joints before exercising to prevent injury and build endurance. After working out, it is recommended to do a cool down by walking and stretching your muscles so you don’t get strains or blood pressure fluctuations. A proper workout should consist of both exercise machines and free weights for a balanced and buff appearance!