Dryer Vent Cleaning – Why is it Important?


Although maintaining a properly cleaned dryer vent is essential to the safety and well-being of every homeowner, it is one of the most frequently neglected home maintenance tasks. Each year, over 25,000 fires begin in the home as a result of a clogged dryer vent. The most common culprit for this problem is lint, and the more lint that is blocking your vents, the greater the likelihood that your home will have a dryer-related fire. In addition, the blockage raises your monthly energy bill anywhere from $18-25 per month, since it takes more energy for the machine to completely dry your linens. Simply cleaning a dryer vent is not only a great way to cut down on the potential for disaster in your home, it is also an extremely good move for your wallet.

The purpose of a dryer is not just the quick heating of clothing, helping to avoid the accumulation of mildew, but to eliminate the moisture that is released as the wet linens are heated. The moisture is removed from the clothing and sent outside the home through the dryer’s vent system. When that system is clogged or otherwise malfunctioning, clothing and linens will not dry in the appropriate amount of time. If you need to run your dryer for more than one full cycle in order to assure all the water has been removed from the contents, chances are good that you have a clogged vent. In some cases, the moisture will accumulate and leak out of the unit, accounting for large puddles on the floor. If you notice signs of this, the appliance’s duct work should be immediately examined clean dryer vent.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to have your dryer’s duct work professionally cleaned, rather than attempting to do it yourself. Many times, the duct work isn’t easily accessible, and if a homeowner isn’t experienced in cleaning the system, it may do more harm than good. In older dryers, the ducts tend to be made of plastic, vinyl, made of foil, or shaped like an accordion. Through the course of the years, studies have shown that these types of ducts play a huge role in the development of dryer fires, and it is recommended that homeowners replace them with smooth, straight metal ductwork.

By having a professional attend to your laundry room and appliances once or twice a year, you greatly reduce the risk of fire and other damage to your home as a result of a dryer that isn’t working properly. All you have to remember to do is to empty the lint trap!

Dryer Vent Installation and You


For that huge part of doing laundry, we rely on our straighteners. After all, many of us would not have the opportunity to spend hanging clothes out on a line, ready hours to allow them to drythen venturing out to take them off after which – finally – be able to fold and then remove these products. Yesthat might do the job with a few types of apparel or perhaps linens, but after that, the sun-dried clothing routine becomes dull.

Input, the modern tools and the clothing dryer. But, for this particular technology includes accountability. There clearly was being convinced to get a large enough drier to match your wants, being sure to make use of the appropriate services and products & most importantly, making sure the drier port is cleaned after each and every load of laundry AND that when the drier is installed, that the vents are installed in precisely placed.

Dryer port installation is not at all something to be dismissed, although it’s a job that a lot of homeowners can do. You can find certain facts to consider in this process, else you risk usage difficulties and even dryer port associated fires. So what’s the proper way to set up a dryer so that the dryer vents have been placed correctly? Listed below are the basic actions.

1. Determine the way the drier vent duct will soon undoubtedly run. Keep in your mind that the shorter the length and also the fewer works demanded that the higher it is. In addition, a drier vent running through the roofing should be a complete last resort. You’ll even desire to steer clear of windows, outdoor obstructions and be sure the duct work is at minimum of the foot off the ground and a feet apart from obstacles like decks or air conditioning equipment components Dryer vent cleaning.

2. You need to work with either metal steel or aluminum ductwork, however do not intermix the 2 – select one! Be certain you also buy an outdoor cap for your own duct.

3. Use no more than twenty five toes of 4-inch duct. You have to subtract 5 feet to every 90-degree twist, 2.5-feet for each and every 45-degree twist.

4. Go out and run a pilot hole exactly where you want the dryer vent to really go. Don’t forget to check ahead of drilling the pit to ensure there are not any wires, either ductwork or other dwelling strategies or some other other hazards before drilling. After you ensure the hole and the tap for the ductwork will be efficientand create the vent hole larger. You are able to then repaint round the duct onto the inside of the rim, then and apply the plastic trim ring to offer a neater look.

5. Now put in the ductwork. You are able to start from your dryer internet site or from the site of the hole. Tend not to depend on tape to hold sections collectively. Make use of the metal foil tape made for duct-work. TO offer added support, you can utilize plastic or metallic pipe connectors to keep it rigid.

6. In the end, plug in the end of the duct. Remember to set a drier cap across the surface.

Dryer vent installation doesn’t need to become a big job, however you do want to be sure it’s done properly as this will ensure the dryer works efficiently as well as the probability of fire is diminished. If you are uncertain of one’s abilities, then consult a local dryer port installation expert. In use Valley, the group Dryer Vent Wizard will be delighted to assist or answer the questions. Dryers–exactly what do we do with them?